Number One Choice for Mold Inspection

With over ten years of experience and over 1500 projects, Austin Mold Testing is the number one choice for mold inspection, testing, and consulting services in Central Texas.

Mold Assessments- During a Mold Assessment, AMT will…

Determine the source(s), location(s), and extent of mold growth
Determine the condition(s) that caused the growth
Collect data to enable the consultant to prepare a mold remediation protocol.

Mold Testing
AMT utilizes 3 nationally accepted sampling methods-
Spore Trap
Air enters a cassette through a pump, the particles become impacted on the sampling substrate and are then analyzed by a certified laboratory.
Swap Sample
Samples are collected by swabbing the area of concern. The samples are then analyzed by a certified laboratory.
Tape Lift Sample
Samples are collected by lifting particles from the area of concern using tape and placing them on a slide for examination by a certified laboratory.

Mold Remediation Protocols
A Mold Remediation Protocol Is a detailed remediation plan which outlines specific practices and procedures to be followed by a state-licensed mold remediation contractor.