Objectives of Articles of Association

Articles of association, according to section 5 of the Companies Act:

The company's management rules must be included.
The items listed in the rules must be included.
However, later in the company's life, the company may decide to include other subjects. The Articles of Association can be changed or modified at any time by a company.

In terms of changes to the original AOA, there is an internal committee that oversees various changes based on their demands and requirements.

A change can only be made provided it does not influence or cancel any decision made by earlier meetings, according to section 197 (ii). A company's Articles of Association can be modified at any moment by a vote of the members.

Each member will receive a copy of the resolution. The resolution becomes effective on the date it is passed or on any later date indicated therein; if no such date is named, it becomes effective immediately after it is passed.

The company may make any change to the Articles (other than changing the company's name) that does not affect any right or interest that any person has acquired under the articles as they stand immediately before the change.