Occupational Health and Safety Software In Oman | Occucare

Providing occupational health and safety provisions to employees has become a mandatory aspect across all industries. As technology has lifted the bars, conventional things are getting modernised and technology-oriented. Oman, a leading country in the Middle East is also adopting the latest technology drives so that workers get the utmost benefits and a secure workplace. As Oman is home to Crude Oil Production and Refining, LNG Production, Construction, Optic Fiber, Chemicals, and many other industries, these industries follow different safety policies as per the discipline and government norms. With increasing awareness, the Oman government has amended the existing law with mandatory recruitment of OHS Officers for establishments with over 50 employees. These moves are enforcing industries located in the cities like Sohar, Sur, and Salalah to look for a technology aid for implementing their occupational health and safety policies.