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GSTIN/ GST Number verification online

Government Of india Given unique identity for every business With the one unique number I.E Goods and services tax Identification number Simplay called GSTIN/GST Number. It is the 15 Digital long
You verify through GST verification no online process

Need of the GST verification no online

Suppose if you are purchased cloths, and some electronics items in the shop, and don't know what is exact GST on your purchased item
Clothes have 12% electronics items 15% gst but the shopperker made fake gst bill and he entered wrong gst on your bill cloth for 18% electronic items 20% This is fraud with you, because of that purpose you required gst no verification online.

Exact Structure of GSTIN Number

TIN ( Tax identification number) is replaced by the GSTIN(Goods and service tax Identification number)
1) 1st digit and 2nd digit :- It mentioned unique state code
2) 3rd digit to 12 digit :- Taxpayer’s PAN card Number
3) 13th digit:- It is the registered entity of the Similar state
4) 14th digit:- It is default symbol “Z”
5) 15th digit:- It is check code it also can be alphabet

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