OPTIC STB DUO The Optic STB GT-X Duo is the newest generation of TV boxes. More powerful, more intui

The Optic STB GT-X Duo is the newest generation of TV boxes. More powerful, more intuitive, and with SLIM SLATE design innovations that look good in any room.
By using an optical cable,Optic STB GT-X Duo produced a high-quality sound.
Fusion of sound and video with features like multiple format subtitles, HDR playback, and 4K streaming,
watch exactly what you want in the best possible picture quality.
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Being equipped with the Powerfull Player of Optic OnAir , the Sound and Picture quality is second to none.

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In terms of hardware, we manufacture good quality hardware for STBs that surpass European quality standards.
We also Develope customized System Softwares for TVs and STBs to replace Basic and Boring Standard User Interface Design.
We also develope state of the art Stalker / M3U Streaming Apps that turns an ordinary TV into a powerfull Gadget.
Address: Third floor, 160/2-H Phase 1, DHA, Lahore, PK.
Support Email: support@

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