Innosilicon T2Tz 30TH/s
Innosilicon has released several models of T2T series bitcoin mining products on the market: for example, T2T+, T2TZ, T2TZS, T2TH, T2THS, T2THU, and SI and SII according to the factory batch. Order Innosilicon T2Tz 30THs Now

Innosilicon T2Tz 30TH/s
Innosilicon T2Tz 30T
SHA256 Algorithm Mining Experience
Hashrate: 30TH/s ( /-5%)
Power Consumption: 2200W ( /-10% ,normal mode, on wall, with 93% efficiency PSU. 25°C temperature)
Dimensions: 422mm(L)*142mm(W)*213mm(H)
Net Weight: 9.49KG
Ambient Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Network Connection: Ethernet
Innosilicon is a popular ASIC miner manufacturer known for its design capabilities for different chip processes. Innosilicon claims up to 25% global market share of the blockchain mining equipment industry. In addition, Innosilicon is particularly famous for being the manufacturer of A10 pro ethereum miner which is the most popular Bitcoin mining machine to ever grace the blockchain mining industry.

Innosilicon T2Tz 30TH/s
Furthermore, Innosilicon T2T is a very famous miner in Iran territory and has proven to be one of the fast selling manufacturers in the Bitcoin mining rig industry by gracing it with another powerful Bitcoin mining machine Innosilicon T2T ranging from 26TH to 36TH.

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