organic kids clothes – organic clothing for children

High-quality fabrics feel better on the skin. But while adults admit it, their clothing choices are often based on styles, brand names and sale prices. However, it’s fascinating how quickly kids can tell the difference when wearing organic cotton – the softest and comfiest kind – and then choose to wear organic clothes over any other they have. Our youngest and pickiest customers literally live in SSSEEE.Love™ organic children’s clothing and don’t want to change out of it.

It’s tempting to buy a lot when hot sales inundate your inbox. But most items made from conventionally manufactured cotton won’t last long, especially if they’re a mix of cotton and polyester. There’s hardly any mass-produced garment that won’t pill, fray or lose shape after a few washes.

When considering the “cost per wear” of your purchases, sustainable children’s clothing made of pure organic cotton is a better investment. Plus, having fewer yet highly functional clothes is more convenient than owning too many.

All-natural kids’ clothes that are safe, non-toxic, breathable and comfy
Buying more than you actually use and need is what fast fashion encourages everyone to do. As a result, many parents find it hard to match a multitude of bright colours and prints that make it into their kids’ wardrobes.