Welcome to HUNA. We are passionate organic skincare manufacturers and holistic skin health experts. But we do things very differently from mainstream beauty. We are slow, regenerative, sustainable. We are plant-based, cruelty-free, and biodegradable. We are a small Canadian family-owned and operated organic herb + botanical farm and multi-award-winning sustainable luxury herbal skincare company. We formulate and craft every Huna product with meticulous care, by hand, the slow traditional way, using farm-fresh organic ingredients grown in our own Huna Skin Nutrition Gardens at our Huna Farm. Combined with high-performance vegan and ethically sourced clinically proven medical grade actives, HUNA products are formulated to be high performance, highly effective, and deliver visible results, yet be gentle to the skin, safe for our health, and sustainable for the planet. At HUNA we are passionately committed to providing the finest quality organic skincare solutions, using expertise, skills, and crafted methods combining the worlds of Herbal Medicine, Botanical Science, and Sustainable Luxury Beauty into one.
HUNA Skin Nutrition: Scientifically proven, Organically grown.