Paradigm – Your Designer Flooring Choice

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality flooring and wall coverings for our valued clients. Our full product series has thousands of selections to choose from and our specializations include: Porcelain and Ceramic Tile, Engineered Wood, Laminate and Vinyl.
The Process
There is a lot that goes into the selection of flooring and deciding which flooring products to retail at our showroom. Detailed research is conducted, and deep knowledge is gained in the selection phases which are why we stand behind our quality claims with 100% confidence. We prioritize quality and production standards above all else – with 0 compromise. Our series are decided with a highly thorough and selective process to make sure that we bring you the BEST and nothing else. Our stock is changing on a continuing basis to ensure you are viewing the LATEST and GREATEST selections at our showroom which are BRAND NEW to the market!