Portable Power Station, Home Battery, Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Solution Manufacturer

It was a beautiful summer in 2008, MPMC POWERTECH CORP. was founded in Shanghai, China. Devoted herself to providing mobile hybrid power solutions with worldwide service, in 2011, the first solar-powered lighting tower was developed and MPMC began her Green Energy journey.
By optimizing solar power, wind turbines, diesel power, lithium-ion batteries, and energy storage system, MPMC has offered state-of-the-art integrated/distributed energy solutions both on and off the grid in many applications, including mining, telecommunication, rental, construction, off-shore, and so on. For 14 years MPMC has successfully exported power generation products to over 120 countries, established holding subsidiaries and offices in the USA, South Africa, DOM, UK, UAE, and China, and has won a fair reputation for a trusted manufacturer and faithful partner.
In 2021, MPMC has built a new lithium-ion battery production line in Jiangsu, China, and Semookii was born. Aiming at helping to achieve carbon neutrality, create cleaner and smarter power generation solutions for customers, Semookii is young, powerful and ALWAYS COMMITTED.