Premium Duck feed supplement Australia

Vital-Needs is an Australian owned and operated company.

We at Vital-needs are all about supplying only the highest quality Aqua feed supplements manufactured using the most advanced fine particle chemistry and production technology.

Along with the increase in world population, the positive health effects of aquatic protein resources are highly appreciated and thus the demand for sustainable targeted aquatic feed supplements has increased drastically. This is what we do best. We offer unique and novel aqua feed supplements manufactured by incorporating innovative technologies giving advantage of easy to use, high efficiency and safety.

With years of research & development behind us we are committed to lead the way to cater our clients with most advanced nano structured feed supplements out there. All of our revolutionary products are natural, perfectly safe to use; free from antibiotics, hormones, GMO, and harsh chemicals.

Our Company
We specialise in bringing revolutionary high quality Aqua Feed supplements to the aqua (fish & Shrimp) farmers in Australia as well as the neighbouring countries. Our company is structured around our customer’s needs. Ensuring to increase their yield, thus profitability is central to the way we service our customers.

Our Mission
To develop and implement innovative feed supplement products for aquaculture farmers/businesses, through successful partnerships with customers, distributors and Suppliers, with profitable outcome for all stakeholders.

Our Core value
We adhere to our core business principles to lead with honesty.
Great is not where we stop. We are committed to innovation to better ourselves and better serve.
Delivering the best is all we have done and continue to do so.

Our Work
Aquaculture is the fastest growing animal farming business today. Hatcheries are the foundation of the aquaculture industry, and quality feeds are at the heart of their success.