Prices For Scuba diving in Goa

One of Goa's most popular underwater activity is Scuba diving. One can enjoy scuba diving in both major parts of Goa ; North Goa and South Goa. Grand Island, Bat Island, Nagoa and Malvan are some of the best scuba diving sites with pristine clear water and plethora of marine fauna.

Here are the charges you should know, before you go for Scuba diving in Goa

1. Grand Island Scuba diving – 1300 – 4000 rupees
2. Scuba diving in Malvan – 2500 rupees
3. Scuba diving in Bat Island – 4700 rupees
4. Nagoa Scuba diving – 3800 – 5600 rupees

The prices of Goa scuba diving depends on the duration of the scuba diving activity. Although different scuba diving operator charge different prices depending on their services.