Professions Loans | Origin Finance UK

Professions Loans is a specialist product for Professionals such as Accountants, Dentists, Pharmacists, Solicitors, Doctors, Opticians, Architects, Veterinarians, Chartered Surveys and Chiropractors to name a few.
Professions Loans are paid directly into your bank account and can be utilised as you see fit for the growth and development of your business. Professions Loans are often used to pay Tax Bills, VAT Bills and Insurance Premiums. Solicitors will often use a Professions Loan to fund WIP and Disbursements.
Although all Professionals still have access to our 60-plus Business Loan Providers, we have a panel of over 20 Loan Providers that only offer Professions Loans, many of which can only be accessed via a broker. Whatever your requirements, our specialist team at origin Finance are here to talk through your various options.