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Honey Ayurveda Clinic in Vadodara offers treatment for Psoriasis, Diabetes PCOD, Sinusitis Migraine, Rheumatoid arthritis, hair loss, weight loss, skin treatment, allergy and asthama.
esult oriented specific and nonspecific Panchkarma(Detoxification of body)
Prevention of seasonal environmental allergic Respiratory and skin disorders.
Longer Youth fullness by delaying old age effects with Panchkarma and advise of relevant diet.
Overall feeling of well being and reliving mental stress, depression, sleeplessness from the first day of therapy.
Care of preschool and school going kids for non drug dependent routine and healthy life with memory sharpness.
Informative advise and counselling for posituve health.
Pregnancy, New born and, aternal care with natural approach of Ayurveda.