QR Code Menu For Restaurants And Bars

Why put risk when you can put a QR code on the table. DigiMenu – QR code menu for restaurants and bars is spreading digitization of menus across the globe. It is becoming the new normal way of dining in restaurants. After the pandemic, everyone is facing a hard time trusting the sanitary or hygiene in a public place. Therefore, for food businesses to start operating again, DigiMenu has become the need of the hour. Akestech Infotech Pvt. Ltd came up with the solution for food businesses in the form of DigiMenu. Many successful businesses have installed DigiMenu for their restaurant and are running a stress-free restaurant business.

What is DigiMenu?

DigiMenu is a website for digitizing the paper menu of restaurants. It is very easy to use and involves a few steps to complete the process of menu digitization. It converts your paper menu into a QR code which can be placed on the tables of the restaurant. The customers can simply scan the code and place their order themselves even for a dine-in experience. It maintains the utmost sanitary in the restaurant and provides an easy way to function the restaurant. DigiMenu is one of the leading websites digitizing menus and is providing a safe space for dining in restaurants.

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