Realty Assistant Breaks Records Again – Property Management Solution.

Be foolishly positive and get the best of the world…” “At Realty Assistant, we are foolishly positive. We don’t believe in the rabbit-tortoise race, but in achieving the inevitable,” says Ankit Aditya Pradhan, CEO, Realty Assistant.

“Our goal is not just to grow, but to grow as a team. It is because we are the best at what we do that we give the best of the world to our hardworking people.

” This inclusive growth has taken forward its annual awards and recognition programs in Pune, Lucknow, and Noida, showcasing its transformational impact across India. Realty Assistant is also known for providing property management solutions in several cities of India.

“The last company I am working for…” This company is a benchmark for employee satisfaction. The way it shapes inclusive growth is exemplary.