Rockstar 450 Exporters in India

ROCKSTAR 450 must be delivered to customers in fitness . Medium to medium specially developed lubrication cycle with minimal ductility. ROCKSTAR 450 is that the ideal choice for yellow products in mining. Star 400 is that the ideal solution for applications like buckets, crushers and truck linings.It also can be found in silos, excavators, conveyor belts and silos. These include concrete buckets, shovel edges, dustcart floors, sweepers and dump trailers. Sit back and rest, if needed. it's impossible to use substitutes. within the temperature range above 250°C. Suitable for other heat treatments. The chemical composition of ROCKSTAR 450 wear plate is manganese, carbon, molybdenum, chromium, sulfur, phosphorus, silicon, boron and nickel. Blade sizes are used for various applications.