Your brain works differently in the country. Living in the country over-stimulates two key and potentially harmful regions of the brain: the areas that balance anxiety and emotion. Scientists believe this is why they see higher rates of mental health problems in cities than in non-urban areas. The brain is less likely to have this kind of overstimulation in the country. The benefits? Lower risk of mood disorders and anxiety disorders. This means that you will not be able to completely prevent a mental illness or mood disorder just because you live in the country, nor are you guaranteed to have less stress in your life simply because you are out of the city. You are, on the contrary, going to avoid some of the increased risk elements for these psychological ailments that are deeply rooted in city life, and it is a benefit of country living worth considering. Just like what is implied in the book about the family’s ranch life by Bernie McAuley. Even if life takes a toll on you, one can still turn his life around with the given laid-back environment.