Skardu Weather VS New Murree Weather

The beauty of skardu is skardu weather. The blowing wind and dancing clouds make a person very delightful and full of enthusiasm. The capitative scene of changing skardu weather is so beautiful and divine. It has a very cute rhythm, rising sun and its setting view in the west. New Murree also known as Patriata also has weather fluctuations like skardu and other Northerner areas which have an enticing scene. If a person wants to have a visit to these natural places, he/she must have a look at the weather forecast. At least the forecast of 10 days must be kept in mind so that the visit to new Murree becomes enjoyable and inviting. New Murree, no doubt is a god gifted place for our country not for just a few 10 days but for life. It is the most prestigious address in Murree to live in. With the passage of time these beautiful places are losing their beauty and all the natural resources are being destroyed.

Skardu Weather 10 Days
New Murree Weather
Skardu Weather Forecast 10 Days

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