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SMSF Accounting Services In Adelaide

One of the requirements to have an SMSF is the preparation of the accounts and tax return and audit conducted by an independent ASIC approved SMSF auditor to lodge the tax return every year. If we act as your SMSF Accountant we will prepare & lodge the annual return.

At some stage SMSF might have to wind up means close the fund. Reasons might be death, NIL assets, no need anymore. All investments will be sold and proceeds deposited in the Superfund bank account and depending on the fund members age and rules paid as lump sum, pension or rollout to the other fund. Winding up of an SMSF needs to be done carefully and correctly and all rules set by the regulator needs to be followed.

By using the services of Quick SMSF Accountants your superannuation accounting, tax return preparation and lodgement and independent audit will be taken care of.