Knead Gujiya Dough to Make Crispy and Delicious Gujiya like the Market –
Gujiya does not become crispy due to not being able to knead the dough properly or because its filling is not filled properly. In this case, knead the dough of Gujiya like normal sooji flour. But knead this dough with the help of maida. Keep in mind, it should not be as soft as the dough for roti.

Apart from this, you should also use sooji, oil or ghee in equal quantity to make gujiya. If you are taking 1-1/2 bowl of all purpose flour to make Gujiya, then use at least 7 tablespoons of oil or ghee in it.

To knead the gujiya dough, first, roast the khoya and semolina flour well and keep them aside in a vessel. Now add cardamom powder with almond powder in this vessel and mix it well.