SS Black Round Bar Manufacturer

Stainless Steel Black Round Bar coated with black oxide are nothing more than metallic bars. As a conversion coating, black oxide can be applied to many alloys, including ferrous materials, copper and copper-based alloys, stainless steel, Alloy Steel Black Bar, powdered metal, and zinc. Tri Round Bars is one of the Leading Exporter, Supplier, Stockist and Manufacturer Of SS Black Round Bar
Manufacturers prefer ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Black Bar for this type of coating because it may supplement mild corrosion resistance in the alloy. Second, Industrial Black Bar & Rods are given an aesthetic makeover by being dyed a darker shade.
Last but not least, some applications require dull components. The layer of these bars can be dulled down by applying a coat of black oxide. Light is reflected more strongly by nickel-based alloys.
Comparatively to other coatings, black oxide coat on Duplex Black Bar has a minimal buildup. Black oxide can be applied to ferrous materials, such as SS Black Square Bar, using any of the following methods: hot black oxide, mid-temperature black oxide, or cold black oxide. Caustic, oxidising, and sulphur salts are used to blacken 300 and 400 series SS Black Rods and precipitation hardening alloy 17-4 PH