Suvarna Lanka – is Sri Lanka the Lanka made of Gold that Raavan ruled?

In context of Vedas, total of 32 Raavans are mentioned. Their places are different. So is Sri Lanka the Lanka made of Gold that Raavan ruled? This book traces through history, geography, geology, and mythology to reveal the truth.
In Tibetan language, Lanka means island in the midst of Wide River or on oceanfront. In Indian scriptures many Lankas have been depicted. Sri Lanka (was Sinhal or Silon in past), Roop Lanka, Kaam Lanka, Moh Lanka, Suvarna Lanka etc. Lanka of Rakshasaa’ (demons) was situated at that place where the longitude passing from Ujjain meets equator. In astrology the Brahma Mahurata started from this place. Due to volcano eruption at Baku near Caspian Sea there was major disaster which occurred second time in 1400 B.C. At that time Krishna’s Dwarka and Lanka submerged.
During this time period many Lanka were submerging into the ocean while many new Lanka were emerging. For describing the particular Lanka of Rakshasaa (demon) glittering in gold, this book has been written.
The book starts from the discovery of gold from Indian ocean to identification of true Lanka, brief of Ramsetu and Dhanushkoti; ends at the description of the great ruler of Golden City Lanka – Raavan who ruled this Lanka but first of all how did this Lanka became “Suvarnalanka” and the details of other lands of gold is presented in the book.

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