Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Policy: Enhancing Your Travel Experience

Swiss Airlines Seat Selection Policy: Enhancing Your Travel Experience
Swiss Airlines provides passengers with the flexibility to select seats according to their preferences and needs. Understanding Swiss Airlines' seat selection policy can help you make informed choices for a comfortable journey.

Seat Selection Options
Free Seat Selection:

Economy Class: Passengers can select seats for free during online check-in, typically available 23 hours before departure. Specific seats, such as those with extra legroom or located near exits, may require an additional fee.
Business Class: Passengers flying in Business Class can typically choose their seats for free at the time of booking or during online check-in.
Paid Seat Selection:

Passengers can opt for paid seat selection to choose specific seats in advance, starting from the time of booking until online check-in closes. Prices vary depending on the seat type (e.g., standard, extra legroom, preferred location) and route.
Preferred Seats:

Swiss Airlines offers preferred seating options, including seats with extra legroom or those situated near the front of the cabin for quicker boarding and disembarkation.
How to Select Seats
During Booking: You can select your seats while booking your ticket on the Swiss Airlines website or through their mobile app.

Manage Booking: If you've already booked your ticket, you can manage your booking online to select or change seats. This can be done through the "My Bookings" section on the Swiss Airlines website.

Special Considerations
Group Bookings: If you are traveling as part of a group, Swiss Airlines aims to seat group members together whenever possible.

Additional Fees: Seats with extra legroom or those in preferred locations may require an additional fee. Prices are displayed during the seat selection process.

Additional Information
Codeshare Flights: For flights operated by partner airlines or through codeshare agreements, Swiss Airlines' seat selection policies may differ.