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Mitra develops spraying machines for growing horticulture crops such as Grapes, Pomegranates, Oranges, Mangoes, and More. In a short time, we have become the largest manufacturer of sprayers like Tractor... Read More

Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer in India

Agriculture equipment’s are the machineries used in all types of the agricultural activities. There are different types of equipment’s involved like hand tools, power tools, heavy equipment’s and a countless... Read More

Hoe Cutter | Agriculture equipment

A chaff cutter is a mechanical tool, combined with other fodder, cuts green grass, hay into small pieces to feed cattle. It helps in animal digestion. KisanKraft chaff cutter is... Read More

pressure sprayer| Agriculture equipment

Pressure sprayer is a device which helps to spray liquid substance like pesticides, fertilizers or even water. kisankraft is India's leading manufacturer of pressure sprayer and supplies all over... Read More

Knapsack Power Sprayers | Agriculture equipment

Knapsack power sprayers are spraying equipment used in various farms and fields to protect crops from pests. It is widely applicable for spraying on rice, cotton and vegetables. Knapsack power... Read More

Paddy Weeder | Agriculture equipment

Paddy weeder is an agriculture equipment used to remove unwanted weeds or roots from the paddy field. Weeds are the main significant obstacles in paddy production. Paddy weeder is used... Read More

The agriculture equipment is costly, and so do their parts. So, you need some trustworthy names. Many farmers believe that the best agriculture parts supplier can provide you the equipment... Read More

Many different types of agriculture equipment are available in the tractor market, like reaper, sprayer, power weeder, and many more. They all farm machines perform all the farming operations such... Read More