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Uterine Polyps Causes | Gynecologist in Borivali | Dr. Deepika Doshi

The polyps are usually benign. They usually appear after the age of 40 and the following menopause, although they may occur in younger women as well. They frequently cause bleeding... Read More

What is taught at antenatal classes? | Dr. Deepika Doshi | Gynecologist in Borivali

- Pregnancy wellness, includes a nutritious diet - Pregnancy workouts that keep you fit and active - what happens during labour and delivery - coping with labour and information on various methods of... Read More

What exactly is tubal recanalisation? | Dr. Deepika Doshi | Gynecologist in Borivali

Tubal Recanalisation, also known as Family Planning Reversal Surgery, is a treatment in which a woman's fallopian tube that has been cut or clipped during family planning surgery is rejoined... Read More

Impact Of Cannabis Use On Pregnancy Outcomes | Dr. Deepika Doshi | Gynecologist In Borivali

As cannabis use continues to increase, more information regarding its impact on pregnancy outcomes has become available. A retrospective cohort study of over 32,500 pregnant individuals reported that prenatal cannabis... Read More