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A.K.Educational Consultants invites you to prestigious Russian State And Federal Universities to get the higher education in medicine. A.K.Educational Consultants invites you to prestigious Russian State And Federal Universities to get... Read More

Perm Medical university in Russia

Perm State Medical University is one of the greatest medical university in Russia, It was established in 1916. It is located in the Perm city of Russia . It is the... Read More

Total of 28 universities for the study of medicine and pharmacy in Russia

Russia is the world’s largest and influential country expanded on two continents Europe and Asia. Russia covers about 17 million square kilometers, ranked first according to area wise in the... Read More

Pulse Education has collaborated with many Government and Private Colleges and Universities in India

Pulse Education formerly known and a brand of Pulse International Education Consultancy (PIEC) is a unit of Pulse Consultancy Services Private Limited a flagship company of “The Pulse Group” Pulse Education... Read More

The admission process for MBBS in Russia is very easy for students. You just need to submit your documents and wait for approval and verification. get guaranteed admission study... Read More

Here are certain of the things to discover and welfares you will get while studying MBBS in Russia: Cheap transportation Scholars can travel around Russia at a reduced rate. Using the Scholar... Read More

Russia is well-known for its reasonable and excellence MBBS teaching. Russia certainly has gained huge admiration amongst all the global scholars due to the relaxed admission procedure and reasonable MBBS... Read More

 Applicants must have approved 12th standard with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, in English.  The applicant must have approved with a combined of 50% scores and 50% scores in Physics, Chemistry and Biology... Read More

 Subsidized Fee structure  Presence of NMC permitted medical universities in Russia.  The admission procedure is very laid-back.  Period of MBBS course is 6 years which also includes the 1 year of Internship program.  The... Read More

Apply for MBBS in Russia with Low Cost. Russia has many top medical colleges and universities, which offer high quality medical education at an affordable cost. Russia is the home... Read More