Tame Your Anger With Ayushakti Ayurveda

Control the anger before it controls you!”

Having pet peeves is one thing, and being short temper is different! Do you get easily angered by small things like if your child is answering back, or on your co-workers, and even being stuck in traffic? This could be a sign of underlying pent-up emotions.

Anger is actually an umbrella term for a multifaceted and muddled feeling. Sadness and shame can be at the foundation of Anger. Furthermore, if unattended or stifled, anger transforms into a seething raging beast that burns everything in its way, at last prompting culpability, enduring and pain.

Anger as an emotion is normal to feel, and sometimes we need anger in our system to get things done or for survival. But if you are utilizing anger in situations that are good for you, then only it is beneficial. However, as human beings, we are unpredictable species! We don't think about the pros and cons before venting out our anger, which affects our life and various factors such as health, relationships, careers, and so on, and that's where Anger Management comes into the picture.

Understanding The Emotion Anger -By Ayurvedic Perspective!

The psychological reason for anger is a natural, spontaneous response to danger. Some anger is vital for survival.

In Ayurveda, the emotional imbalance caused by Anger emerges from an absence of proper communication between the head and heart. Certain individuals are brought into the world with (or taught) the elegant art of handling feelings quicker and better than others. However, many of us rush to jump into "monster mode" at the smallest provocation.

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