Textile infrastructure in Gujarat

To weave superior Sustainable textiles in Gujarat, both hard work and smart work go side by side. They use the latest technology and at the same time traditional methods to produce fabrics that are famous for their quality and durability. Different weaving clusters of textiles of Gujarat are involved in various weaving techniques like Jamdani, Patan Patola and Khadi which have their own distinctive features.
Most of the textile weavers in Gujarat have a very high level of craftsmanship where right from yarn dyeing to creation of the weaving patterns are closely monitored. They use unique aesthetics that can reflect the market and culture but at the same time can also adapt to the changes. This has placed Gujarat as a leader in the supply of textiles all over the world since it combines the traditional ways of the art with modern techniques that suit the buyer’s tastes.
Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that sustainable practices in textile weaving in Gujarat are gradually becoming popular. Modern fashion producers and designers are contributing to sustainable fashion through the use of environment friendly dyes, organic fabrics and reducing wastes in production. It may be noted that the current change in the direction of sustainability not only improves the attractiveness of textiles from Gujarat but also contributes to the implementation of the 12th UN Sustainable Development Goal of responsible consumption and production.

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