Thane: A coveted location for buying property

There’s long since been a belief within confines of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, and the Greater MMR that the area you grow up in or spend a significant amount of time in is your stomping ground. It is the space you are most comfortable in and the area most people are reluctant to leave. Each locale in and around Mumbai entice its residents with a unique charm- the vintage, old world allure of Colaba, the artistic expression of Bandra West or Kala Ghoda, the enthusiastic young bustle of Andheri- creating friendly competition between locales. Each is an ecosystem and personality of its own. And yet, in the recent past there’s been a shift in attitude. Residents are noticing the beauty and comforts of areas they never considered, owing to one key change in the city; infrastructure.

Today there is a greater fluidity between zip codes. People relocating from the suburbs to the city, the city to the outskirts, the outskirts to the CBDs, the list goes on. One such area that has seen a greater influx of interest is Thane; a city unto itself, outside the rush and rumble of Mumbai.