The “Gene Therapy Market (4th Edition), 2020-2030(Roots)

Key Inclusions
 A detailed review of the overall market landscape of gene therapies and gene editing therapies, including information on phase of development (marketed, clinical, preclinical and discovery) of pipeline candidates, key therapeutic areas (autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular diseases, dermatological disorders, genetic disorders, hematological disorders, immunological disorders, infectious diseases, inflammatory disorders, liver diseases, metabolic disorders, muscle-related diseases, nervous system disorders, oncological disorders, ophthalmic diseases and others), target disease indication(s), type of vector used, type of gene, therapeutic approach (gene augmentation, oncolytic viral therapy and others), type of gene therapy (ex vivo and in vivo), route of administration and special drug designation(s) awarded (if any).
 A detailed review of the players engaged in the development of gene therapies, along with information on their year of establishment, company size, location of headquarters, regional landscape and key players engaged in this domain.
 An elaborate discussion on the various types of viral and non-viral vectors, along with information on design, manufacturing requirements, advantages and limitations of currently available gene delivery vectors.
 A discussion on the regulatory landscape related to gene therapies across various geographies, namely North America (the US and Canada), Europe and Asia-Pacific (Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea), providing details related to the various challenges associated with obtaining reimbursements for gene therapies.

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