The “Next Generation Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Stimulators Market, 2020-2030(RootsAnalysis)

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Key Inclusions
 A detailed assessment of the current market landscape, including information on drug developer(s), phase of development (marketed, clinical and preclinical / discovery stage) of lead candidates, target immune checkpoints, their respective mechanisms of action (inhibitory or stimulatory), type of therapeutic modality used (monoclonal antibody, antibody fragment, small molecule and others), route of administration (intravenous, subcutaneous, oral and others), target disease indication, target therapeutic area and type of therapy (monotherapy, combination therapy and both).
 A detailed analysis of more than 590 completed, ongoing and planned clinical studies of next generation immune checkpoint inhibitors and stimulators, highlighting prevalent trends across various relevant parameters, such as current trial status, trial registration year, phase of development, study design, leading industry sponsors / collaborators (in terms of number of trials conducted), trial focus, type of target, target indication(s), target therapeutic area(s), enrolled patients population and regional distribution.
 Detailed profiles of developers of next generation immune checkpoint modulators (shortlisted on the basis of the number of pipeline products), featuring an overview of the company, its financial information (if available), a detailed description of its product portfolio and recent collaborations. In addition, each profile includes an informed future outlook.
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