The Companion Diagnostics Development Services Market is projected to grow at an annualized rate of

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Key Market Insights
 Over 180 companies from different regions across the globe presently claim to provide services for the development of companion diagnostic tests
 Currently, a variety of services are available across the entire diagnostics development supply chain, including assays based on a wide range of analytical techniques, especially in the developed geographies
 Numerous pharmaceutical players are actively seeking to enter into partnership with companion diagnostics service providers, in order to leverage the latter’s expertise in this field
 The rise in interest in this field is reflected in the number of partnerships established in the recent past, involving both international and indigenous stakeholders, and focused on a variety of end objectives
 In order to achieve an edge over the contemporary competition, companies engaged in this domain are increasingly focusing on the integration of advanced service offerings in their respective portfolios
 The value chain involves drug and diagnostics developers, service providers, along with other important stakeholders, each having a discrete set of priorities and requirements
 Given the growing demand for precision medicine, the companion diagnostics services market is expected to witness a double digit growth; the opportunity is likely to be distributed across different regions and techniques

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