Outlook error: The Operation Cannot Be Performed because the message has been changed. This means that Outlook is not able to connect to your mail server.

The above error message appears when you try to move an email to a folder. This is a known issue in IMAP
accounts. The change needs to sync with the server before you move it.
Symptoms of the “The Operation Cannot Be Performed Because The Message has been Changed”: –
If you modify a previous message,

then outlook will not be able to send an email and throws this error message saying “The operation couldn’t be performed”
Second instance as discussed,

when you try to move an email to another folder, this will throw the same error
Reasons: –
Basically, the above symptoms show this error message with outlook emails sending or moving. The sync process failure is the primary cause of this error.

Solution for this Outlook message:
If you find the sync process is complete, then try to re-start the outlook program and run the same process (1). If the same error repeats, try to reach the technician on chat for help and support.

How to Install an Outlook Program to fix “The Operation Cannot Be Performed Because The Message has been Changed”?
Outlook program is an email application that can organize your emails and help you to send/receive emails. Otherwise, there is a standalone app available to install outlook.

How to Configure Emails on Outlook?
To configure a new email account for the first time, you can click on file and account settings and type in your email and use the configuration given by email providers to set it up.

How to Create Personal Folders in Outlook?
For instance, Outlook allows you to create personal folders that can store emails locally to your computer.

It is a data folder that is a selection under your account settings.

Firstly, right-click the personal folder,
Then click New Folder and type a name for it.
After that, you can move content to a folder by dragging and dropping items from the e