The Perfect Way to Arrange Your Sectional Sofa and 7 Other Ideas for Your Living Room

Simply put, a sectional couch consists of multiple modular components that may be assembled in a wide variety of ways to suit the needs of the room. Bri Ussery, the owner of Dr Design House and a trained interior designer, offers some straightforward advice below on finding and decorating the ideal 7 Seat Sectional Sofa.

First, prop it up against a wall.

There’s a common misconception that you need a vast room to accommodate a new sectional sofa. It’s possible to get a gorgeous sectional fit even in a small living room with the appropriate furniture arrangement and couch shape.

Choose a layout that doesn’t take up too much place on the ground, suggesting Rohr for homes with limited square footage in the living area. “L-shaped and U-shaped sectionals are great for this purpose,” the author explains, “since they may be placed against a wall to save room.”