Trading investments | What Is Happening With Bitcoin And Altcoins?!

There are huge differences between the crypto and stock markets, however, cryptos seem to be in vogue in the current scenario. Because of their volatility, there is often fear among people about which companies to invest in. Fret not; Marcus and Keith are here to enlighten you about the recent crypto and stock market highs and lows in this week’s Trades Of The Week.

However volatile it seems, we’ll show you how to play safe and shield yourself from economic blows using our strategies. Follow us to know about many great ways to build and multiply your wealth. So let’s jump to…

We are still bullish on Crypto. Don’t get worried if there is a lot of noise in the market. The market can’t be parabolic, which means it can’t just move in one direction. It will go up and come down. So we need this noise!

In regards to the crypto market, we are still fearful. Social sentiment dictates short-term moves. So the more fearful people are, the more people run on FOMO and sell out crypto.

Stripe is one of the biggest payment systems that retail companies make use of to receive payments from customers. Stripe is looking forward to adopting cryptocurrency for its payment system. They’re using Polygon (MATIC) as a payment system to get into the modern retail world.

Also, retail interest in Bitcoin has fallen to one-year lows. People want to move away instead of consolidating their positions. Google trends indicate that retail is interested in new sectors like Decentralized Finance and layer one Blockchains like Solana and Avalanche. So it’s a great time to invest in these companies!

Make sure to apply the value cost averaging strategy which is also a long-term stock strategy to gain profits. We applied it for Johnson & Johnson where we got our 10% profit. This company is still expecting to make new highs.

Another company to invest in or trade with is Disney which is a big blue-chip company. It has a good market cap, positive income, return on assets, and equity invest