Types of rectal prolapse? | Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Saggu | Piles Specialist in Rajinder Nagar

Rectal prolapse is classified into two types:
1. Partial thickness prolapse (also called internal intussusception).
2. Full-thickness prolapse (also called external prolapse).
Partial thickness Rectal prolapse occurs when just the innermost lining of the rectum or mucosa protrudes. Since the prolapse is not complete or full thickness, the amount of prolapse is quite small.
The majority of people with partial prolapse complained of constipation or a sense of incomplete evacuation.
Full thickness rectal prolapse occurs when the entire rectum wall becomes so loose that it falls out of the anus when passing stools.
Partial thickness Rectal prolapse is often less than 2 cm long and results in radial folds.
Full thickness rectal prolapse is 3-5 cm in length and results in concentric rings.
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