Investment Mastery is a high-end training and education firm dedicated to giving the globe with guaranteed winning trading and investing ideas.

Investment Mastery and our CEO Marcus de Maria will be celebrating their 18th year in business in 2022, having educated over 50,000 individuals in 25 countries and producing over 200 training events since their founding in 2004.

Investment Mastery is based in North West London and has a global network of staff and partners, including Germany, Holland, and Sweden. We have solidified our position as the world's premier trading and investing educators.

Investment Mastery now hosts over 47 training events each year, both online and in person, as a result of our rapid expansion over the last several years. We teach over 2,700 customers every year in some of the world's most important financial centres, including London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam, as well as designing and providing industry-leading online assistance and training in three languages.

Our effective trading and investing instruction ensures regular monthly returns of 3% to 6% with just 20 minutes of your time each day, and it is our objective to show you that you do not need someone else to invest for you since no one cares more about your money than you do.

Our training programme is influenced by the exact same proven tactics that we ourselves use to trade and invest our own money, and is led by Marcus de Maria and his experienced team of traders and investors in the disciplines of Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and Forex.

We all know, however, that effective trading and investing cannot be achieved only by education. Attitude accounts for 80% of effective trading and investing, and no matter how well you master the techniques, you will fail if you do not have the correct mindset. This is why, more than any other trading and investing education organisation, we place a premium on attitude.