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Vegan Options in the Philippines

Vegan Options in the Philippines

Submitted by • November 20, 2020

Veganism, in the Philippines, is gaining popularity these days and vegan options are now increasing rapidly.

All you have to do is search online and voila, you’ll get overwhelmed with results. Gone are the days when vegans starve themselves to death at wedding receptions. Indeed, the future is vegan.

To make it much easier for vegans, vegan-curious and vegetarians, I made a list of what you can eat and where you can buy your green necessities, options, and best places for vegans to go in the Philippines.

But before we go further into some great finds let’s first dive into the plant-based stuff that is widely available.

You might find some of these vegan-by-default or also known as Accidentally Vegan Foods in the streets.

Banana cue– bananas in caramelized brown sugar on a skewer
Biko– a rice cake made of coconut milk, brown sugar, and glutinous rice with coconut milk curd on top
Carioka– rice balls in caramelized brown sugar on a skewer

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