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Buy Vezlay Foods Online at Catchy Court. Vezlay Foods Pvt. Ltd. Provide Frozen Foods, Vegan Foods, Plant

Based Foods and Ready to Eat Foods.
Catchy Court is an ecommerce platform. We provide so many products which is pure vegetarian and health

food which is manufacture by Vezlay. When you buy from Vezlay foods online so you have to visit on

Catchy Court. Where you will get veg meat gives the taste of meat they provide us to sell foods products

like veg meat, soya noodlee, soya noodle, soya indi chop, soya vegget etc Catchy Court family are animal

lover and they want to save the animals who killed for getting meat, So they produce veg meat a

substitute of chicken that is healthier and tastier like chicken without compromising the taste and

texture of chicken.