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Multiple Revenue/Income sources
I’ve been a hair stylist for 43 years and never would I have believed the entire Cosmetology industry could be forced to close its doors for business. In March of 2020 for the first time in my adult life I was not working at what I loved and that was Doing Hair and including all that goes with the industry. History will tell the story of the one and only time a Pandemic had the power to shut us down! No person-to-person contact was allowed to slow the spread of this Virus. So, me and all the stylists and salon workers I knew and all the ones I didn’t know, got several months of movie watching and weight gain to go along with the No MONEY COMING IN and money for expenses still going out. This situation sucked for so many people that were caught un-prepared and not having the income sources to pay their bills and keep living their life, much less any other expenses that came with all of this lock down.

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