Waste intelligence Solutions for Smart Cities

Intelligence Solutions & IoT Waste Management Solutions for Smart Communities and Cities.

Through the use of innovative technology, councils and communities can make smarter decisions, become more efficient, save resources, and importantly, reduce their carbon footprint.

Our population is growing and our consumption is certainly not reducing, and the amount of waste being produced is huge and rapidly increasing. However, as Peter Drucker once said “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”.

The way waste is managed can be drastically improved, and the solution is relatively simple.

At present, waste collection systems are largely outdated and result in the over servicing of public space bins i.e., collections that are unnecessary or the opposite, collections that are not frequent enough.

Over-servicing of public space smart bins has been proven to be as high as 81% of bins. Think about that for a moment…all that unnecessary cost of labour, fuel not to mention the carbon emissions resulting from vehicles on the road. This is because when routes are planned inefficiently, unnecessary traffic is created, and more fuel is used to complete the collections. Overall, this can contribute significantly (as much as 60%) to higher carbon emissions.

With the use of IoT solutions for waste management, these issues can be solved by creating a smarter efficient pathway for rubbish collection trucks. IoT sensor technology can be used to provide near-real-time bin levels, allowing councils to make smarter collection decisions using hard and fast data regarding when the emptying is actually needed.

The Matter Waste Intelligent Solution allows sensors to be installed into virtually any bin, for advanced waste management. Now together, councils, businesses, organisations, and communities can change the way we manage waste for ever.

Using real-time and verified data, Matters patented technology provides in-depth insights that help to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and change