What are the asthma treatment options?

You have alternatives for managing your asthma. Your doctor may recommend drugs to help you manage your symptoms. These are some examples:
Anti-inflammatory drugs: These medications help to minimise swelling and mucus production in your lungs. They facilitate the passage of air into and out of your lungs. Your doctor may prescribe them to you on a daily basis to reduce or avoid your symptoms.
Bronchodilators are medications that relax the muscles that surround your airways. The relaxed muscles allow the airways to move. They also make it easier for mucus to pass through the airways. These medications ease your symptoms when they occur.
When symptoms of asthma continue after adequate inhaler medication, biologic therapies may be used.
Asthma medications may be taken in a variety of ways. You may inhale the medications via a metered-dose inhaler, nebulizer, or other inhaler. Your doctor may prescribe oral drugs or inhalers to control asthma attacks.
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