What are the tests used for sleep study? | Dr. Poornima Shah | EMG NCS Test in Goregaon

Electroencephalography (EEG): An EEG detects and records brain waves while sleeping in order to determine how long a person spends in each sleep stage.
Electromyography is a test that measures and analyses muscle contractions.
Electrocardiography (EKG): An EKG detects electrical impulses in the heart using electrodes attached to the skin. EKGs may detect abnormal cardiac rhythms as well as slow or fast heart rates.
Pulse Oximetry: A pulse oximeter is a device that may be mounted to a finger, earlobe, or toe to detect blood oxygen levels.
Electrooculography: An electrooculogram records eye movements to assist researchers in determining sleep phases.
Plethysmographic Strain Belts and Airflow Sensors: Sensors near the nose and mouth assess airflow, while belts are wrapped across the chest and abdomen to record movements associated with breathing effort.
Snoring noises are picked up by a microphone placed near the sleeper.
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