What are the types of cerebrovascular diseases? | Dr. Amit Shah | Neurologist in Borivali

Stenosis: A narrowing of the blood arteries that restricts blood flow to areas of the brain. Carotid stenosis is a condition that affects the carotid artery, which is one of the primary arteries that transports oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Vertebral stenosis, on the other hand, is the narrowing of gaps inside the spine. Finally, intracranial stenosis is the constriction of additional brain arteries.
Brain Embolism: A blood clot that blocks a vessel in the brain. It happens when a blood clot from another region of the body gets to the brain and stops blood flow. A brain embolism is a serious condition that requires quick treatment and care.
Brain Aneurysm: This occurs when the blood arteries in the brain enlarge or bulge. Aneurysms have no known origin, but when they leak or rupture, they may cause serious consequences, including death.
Vascular malformations are congenital anomalies in the blood vessels of the brain.
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