What are the various hair transplant procedures? | Viva Aesthetic Clinic | Hair transplant in Mumbai

Hair transplantation may be done in a variety of ways. They all center on removing hair follicles from the donor site (the back and side portions of the scalp), that are not sensitive to DHT, and moving them to the areas of baldness. When these follicles are transferred to the top of the scalp, they stay resistant to DHT and hence permanent hair-producing follicles. The Strip Approach is the most often utilized method. In this technique, a "strip" of tissue from the back of the scalp is removed, and the follicles are split into groups of single-hair and multiple-hair follicles that are subsequently transplanted into the bald portions of the scalp. The treatment is performed using local anesthetic and oral sedation. After transplantation, the donor area is closed with sutures and is completely hidden from view by the overlying hair. FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is another form of hair transplantation in which the follicles are extracted one at a time using a hand punch or a machine intended to remove the follicles using a drill type punch. For this procedure, it is necessary to shave the back of the scalp where the donor follicles will be harvested. New on the technology horizon is the robotic computer-driven system that removes the donor follicles completely by robotic punches driven and monitored by a computer and the surgeon.
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