What do I need to do to be successful after Bariatric surgery? | Bariatric surgeon in Delhi

The basic rules are simple and easy to follow:

Your doctor will give you particular food instructions right after surgery. You must strictly adhere to these requirements. Many surgeons start patients on liquid meals, then go to semi-solid foods, and finally, weeks or months later, solid foods may be tolerated without compromising the surgical process. Allowing time for your new stomach pouch to recover is crucial and important.

When you are able to consume solids, limit yourself to 2-3 meals each day. Protein should be consumed first, in the form of lean meats and other low-fat sources. These should account for at least half of the total amount of the meal consumed. Foods should be seasoned to taste and prepared without fat. Sauces, gravies, butter, oil, mayonnaise, and junk meals should all be avoided.

Never consume anything in between meals. Drinking flavored drinks, especially diet soda, between meals is not recommended.

Drink at least 2-3 quarts of water every day. Due to the operation's restricting impact, water must be drunk gently, 1-2 mouthfuls at a time.

Exercise aerobically every day for at least 20 minutes (one-mile brisk walk, bike riding, stair climbing, etc.). Weight/resistance training may be added three to four days per week, as directed by your doctor.

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