What exactly is a spirometer? | Dr. Parthiv Shah | Pulmonologist in Borivali

Spirometry, or measuring lung function with a spirometer, is one of the most basic and widely used pulmonary function tests. A spirometer evaluates a patient's lung function, but it provides a broader range of parametric values about lung health than a peak flow meter. Spirometry requires a patient to perform specific breathing maneuvers using a spirometer. Each breathing maneuver has a distinct pattern of inspiration and/or expiration that the patient must follow in order to obtain a specific set of data about their lung function. A spirometer can detect not only the type of respiratory disease (if any) present, but also the degree to which the disease has progressed by measuring inspiratory and/or expiratory flows. Spirometers are especially useful in the diagnosis of diseases like COPD, which is largely asymptomatic until lung capacity is irreversibly compromised. Spirometers are thus powerful tools that aim to:

– To assess how well the lungs receive, hold, and use air
– To keep track of a lung disease
– To assess the efficacy of treatment
– To assess the severity of a lung disease
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