What is a Business Registration Number | Documents required for BRN Number

It's a one-of-a-kind identifier, such as an internal revenue service card or a recognised identity code, that gives your company a distinct identity. Following the receipt of your business registration number, regulatory stakeholders will be able to access all of the details of your economic activity over the internet, allowing for speedy certification of your operation. To incorporate a business, you'll need a federal occupational alphanumeric number or a piece of certified identifying information.
These serve as various identities and are free to use. Additionally, one can enrol for the BRN number digitally to save time and effort.

Why is it required?
Assume a corporation operates in a global market and generates revenue of Rs. 8 lakhs, which is much below the Account opening tolerance level. Because it is neither a manufacturer nor an internet service provider, the company is also ineligible for certification. Proving a business individual's existence across divisions becomes extremely difficult in this case.

As a result, the state created the BRN number until these businesses could file for a certificate of incorporation, which they could then use as proof of identity when submitting paperwork to other government agencies. The government plans to legalise the industry through BRN so that the benefits of policy measures can be passed on to all small and growing businesses.