What is a Singpass? | Eligibility for Singpass

Singpass is a tool that allows a large number of people to interact and transact with Singapore's government entities. It's a password manager. All Singapore residents received a Singpass from the Singapore government. The login ID for Singpass is usually the NRIC of Singapore citizens and permanent residents. Employees and dependent pass holders in Singapore are also provided this pass.

For e-transactions involving sensitive information with the Singapore government, Singpass uses two-factor authentication. Because of 2 factors authentication, users have to enter the one-time password, which is sent to them through SMS. They can also generate one-time passwords using the Singpass username and password and the One-Key token.

Singpass is only issued to people who meet certain conditions. To qualify for Singpass-

One must be at least 15 years old and a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident.
He or she is a Singapore pass holder. Employee passes, dependent passes, s- passes, and other types of passes may be used.
A small number of personnel in Singapore who require a Singpass can take use of the perks provided by the Singaporean government.
In the case of foreigners who require Singpass. They can also use Singpass to apply. They must go to the Singpass official website and follow the instructions for creating a Singpass account.